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    So you’ve spent a little time customizing a world and now you want to go explore. Fortunately, importing your preset into Minecraft is fast and easy. When you are done with your customization, copy the Preset Code Result (ctrl + c, the copy button, however works best for you). Now, fire up Minecraft and create a new world. Under “More World Options…” change World Type to Customized, and then click Customize. On the bottom, click the button that says “Presets” and replace the code that is in the box with the one you created. From here you just click Use Preset, finish making your world like you normally would, and enter your game. That’s all there is to it.

    A couple of pro-tips:

    • Customized World Preset Codes are long. Make sure the default preset code is fully removed before pasting yours.
    • When testing your preset, try creative mode first. This will allow you to fly around and see if you really like it, or if further tweaking is required.
    • Minecraft will not remember your preset code for future use (for the most part, see below for a work-around). For this reason, it’s advised you don’t leave the Preset Generator until you’re happy with your world.
    • If you want to grab the preset code for a world you’ve already made, select your world from the in-game menu and click “Re-Create” at the bottom. From here, navigate to the preset code as illustrated above.
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    Loving the idea, but I have an issue that I can’t seem to resolve : The preset that I copy from your generator will not fit into the preset text box in Minecraft. I am completely deleting the existing preset. This is how much I can paste into the box…


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    oh, seems that it wont fit here either!

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