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    I have been trying to create a miningworld with the generator with not much success 🙁
    But since there are more experienced users here i hope you can help me out.
    What im looking for:
    A world with:
    Bottom Bedrock(Like normal)
    ON top of that stone, gravel, dirt and all kinds of blocks (1.8) (increased gravel by 20%)
    Ore percentage increased by only a bit
    Ravines + mineshafts + spawners (Nothing else)
    Lava lakes, water lakes
    And if possible, bedrock top (like in nether) with lava on top of that so players cant get ontop. or multiple layers of bedrock (5 / 10)?
    Worldheight normal. No oceans because from 0 to 256 is all mining area.

    Hope sommone can help me with this 🙂
    Admin @ DayLightCraft

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