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created July 19, 2018 by panguino


I have done a lot of visual and functional improvements to the site overall.  The biggest changes are to the presets detail pages.

Preset Detail Page

One of the requested features was to be able to upload multiple images, now you can upload up to 12 images.  I have also created a very nice gallery to view them once you have added extra images to your presets.


I have also added a very nifty chart that pulls out all the data from your preset code you pasted in, assuming you used our calculator, or minecraft to create it.  If you just typed it out yourself make sure.

Another feature to note is there is a new Copy your Preset to Calculator.   Love someones preset, but you just wanna tweak a few options?  now you can by clicking that button it will import that preset into the calculator and then your ready to start tweaking, you can even create a new preset using your newly tweaked code.


Now voting is more "minecrafty".  You can vote once a day so keep giving emeralds to the ones you like, or coal to the ones you think are poor.

Preset Landing Page

The preset landing page now has some filtering options, show more button and search!  This is obviously a huge help since we plan on having tons of presets to dig into.

Future Plans for Features?

I am gonna mention a few things here but I encourage you to share with me what types of features, functionality and updates you would like to see.  This is a site for the community so its important to me to hear your thoughts.

- Randomize Buttons for Calculator
- Update Homepage and Landing Page Styles a bit.- Add some Donation options in case you want to help me out
- Forums ( once we get a bigger community )
- Tutorial Videos ( Blog Posts to start ) but perhaps a whole section eventually
- Support for Flatworld Presets

You guys have any suggestions?

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Is the website abandoned? I have some bugs to report.

@5:08am - Sunday, October 1st, 2017


It would allow someone to find the preset faster in your profile rather than having to look for it again through all the other presets there are (and the one there will be).

@3:03pm - Sunday, May 18th, 2014


Maybe also add a favorite button?

@7:25am - Sunday, May 18th, 2014


    What would you expect the favorite button to do? I only ask because I have a option to vote for it already so I would think that favorite would be similar.

    @2:27pm - Sunday, May 18th, 2014