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created July 19, 2018 by panguino


We are proud to launch the World Preset Website.  The purpose of the site is to create a hub for users to create and share their own customize world presets.  We have a lot planned for the site to make it better and better as time goes on.  Currently all we have are a few presets we pulled from the game, and a few of our own.  You can browse those presets, learn about the preset settings and what they do, and also use our calculator to create your own presets to use in Minecraft.  Our calculator is a little more user friendly then messing with the in game one.

Planned features:

  • Logged in users are able to create their own customize world presets that appear in the list.
  • Servers up and running that run cool custom worlds
  • Commenting and Forum systems.
  • Donation area for those generous people that want to support us.
  • Grow a passionate community for customized worlds

We will be asking for help from anyone who is willing.  We are currently looking for people who are good with front end development and have a passion for minecraft.  Please feel free to email panguino, if you have any questions or want to become a part of this project.


The one and only Panguino!

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